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Dear, God

Thank you for everything, even the bad because it makes me appreciate the good. Thank you for my family and my best friend/ boyfriend.. i say best friend first because first and for most that’s what he is. 

He is everything, he is a beautiful disaster, he is the very core of me keeping my cool, he makes all of the wrongs around me… go right, and if that doesn’t work he makes the wrong way bare able. We do the same things, at the same time. I breathe in the air he breathes out…

I’m pretty sure I can feel him around me even after he’s gone, his scent and his warmth and just everything. If i didn’t have my best friend I might not be where I am today. So thank you God for giving me the most beautiful partner in life right now and hopefully until I die.. Please let things  be good because with out you I would have nothing and I love you more than anything, I know i do wrong things and I sin because I am not perfect. But he sure does make me feel like it and better. The strive to do better so people can know of this great love and trust in you i have found.. Even when it’s wrong its right. Thank you for that, thank you for him…so much. 






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david karp looks through the notes of this post, puts all the urls he sees onto the safe list, then deletes the rest of the blogs. reblogging this post is like when the jews put the lamb’s blood on their doorposts so the angel of death wouldn’t kill their firstborns.

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That comment, my God.. 

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